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Sintes Barrethis an innovative real estate development company, founded in 2015 by Danish architect Hans Barreth and Menorcan economist Josep Sintes, that develops sustainable architecture and ecological construction projects, known as Green Building.These buildings don’t cause environmental impact and have a high energy efficiency.

Apart from working on personal developments—firstly in Mallorca, then in the whole Balearic Islands—we offer an integrated management in the construction of a Green Buidling to those landowners who want to handle the development of a green, wholesome, efficient and sustainable building on their own.

Comprehensive services can range from the architectural design, the construction of the eco-building or the definition and establishment of a trade policy for the development, to also obtaining all the required administrative licenses, raising funding to ensure the finishing of the construction and ultimately, selling the properties.

We are different

We are

The main difference between this new real estate development company and other more traditional projects is that we aim to establish a balanced relationship between nature and human beings. Our process is based on the analysis of the construction process from a holistic point of view, and considering ecological, psychological, social, material, energetic and health aspects in all sustainable architecture and eco-building projects in the Balearic Islands.

The philosophy behind this project, which is in line with the turn of the century, is the Santosha – a Sanskrit concept meaning ‘complete satisfaction’. In this case, the Sanskrit conceptual satisfaction refers to a spiritual state, not only driven by material needs, but by spiritual ethics that are reached through the balance between human beings and their surroundings.

In all developments Sintes Barreth proposes a traditional use of construction materials and techniques with an innovative approach in quality and design. The aim is to contribute to the construction of a decent and sustainable future, applying useful and wholesome technological solutions that meet the ecological criteria. 

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